Welcome to your first day as a W.B. Spaceman Ink Miner!

The current demand for space pens means being an Ink Miner is exciting* and rewarding work! At 25 credits per ink unit delivered, you can retire** in style!

The ink you will be mining is found in Ink Asteroids in space. Harvesting this ink is as simple*** as firing the mining lasers on your W.B. 32 Ink Mining Ship, then flying through the ink. The ship will collect the ink for deposit at the W.B. Spaceman Space station****.

Piloting your W.B 32 Ink Mining Ship:

Ships that are equipped with the keyboard controls use the arrows keys to maneuver the W.B. 32 Ink Mining Ship. These ships are configured in the following manner:

Up - Increase Speed

Down - Decrease Speed

Left - Turn Left

Right - Turn Right

Space - Fire Mining Laser

Escape - Pause Game

* See: Dangerous

** Retirement Options only available if you happen to survive

*** See: Dangerous


- Art and code designed by Steven Flagg Jr

- Intro music by SketchyLogic

- Menu and Game music by thibault


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