Platformer made at a 36 hour game jam based on the number 13. Base credits are Code: Steve Flagg Music: Ryan Downs Character Art: Sean Clair.

Note: It appears that full credits for this game have gone missing (I.e. the domain where I was hosting them expired and I have no idea where I stored them). If you made assets that are in this game and I did not properly credit, please send me a message so I can give you proper credit.

Controls are:

Left and Right arrows move

Spacebar Jumps

You can jump on the Skeleton's heads

Ultimately the goal here is to do Zeus' Trials (See Chores) to become 13th god. (Find the items in the world.)

My Thoughts on this game:

This was the first jam game and my first and only game I've worked on in a group setting. I learned A LOT making this game, despite it's well horribleness. It was my first foray into state machines (and not a good implementation of it either) and really building a platformer in general. 

Our original idea was very grand and eventually was paired down to a basic platformer that has some really messed up collisions.

Note: This was not originally a browser game. So, in turn it may be a bit on the buggy side.

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